Actionable Insights

In today’s intelligence environment, what you know is only part of the equation. When you know it and what you do next are equally important.

Integral’s intelligence specialists combine analytic expertise with cutting-edge technologies to help you turn information into action and results. From geospatial to cyber, we leverage both open source and proprietary data to provide insights that help you protect your assets, understand your threats, and make critical decisions with greater confidence. We guide you to the insights needed to protect your assets, understand potential threats, and make critical decisions with greater confidence.

Case Study


Ascertain. Analyze. Act.

To help identify terrorists and codify their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) during conflicts, the Army created a new discipline of Intelligence dedicated to identifying adversaries’ biometrics. Integral helped transform a Biometric Enabled Watchlist from an OCONUS database maintained solely by the Department of Defense (DoD) to a critical homeland security tool containing hundreds of thousands of identities.

Integral’s dedicated and experienced team of expert analysts also supported the mission from all angles. We organized, analyzed, and evaluated intelligence, developed objectives and strategies, conducted research, identified intelligence gaps, and created product variants at differing classification levels. Our team coordinates with outside agencies and experts to bolster analysis, and integrate results and conclusions into comprehensive written reports.

Numerous organizations across the intelligence community and law enforcement recognize Integral’s pivotal role in the Army’s mission success as well as our overall contributions to the field of Identity Intelligence.