Artificial Intelligence

Unlocking the Power of Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing national defense, the workforce, transportation, medicine, energy, and more—as Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently reflected, AI is more profound than fire, electricity, or the internet.

Integral can help your enterprise leverage AI’s versatility and power to improve decision-making, move faster with more precision by identifying transformative advantages. We utilize data science and AI techniques such as natural language processing, predictive modeling, statistical analysis, machine learning, and process automation to enable and empower your mission.

Our specialists efficiently manage and model data, ensuring they get the most from your data assets so you can improve outcomes and productivity, enhance capabilities, reduce human error, and increase business agility, all while we help you along your AI journey.

A Successful Strategy at the Foundation

Our work starts by defining an AI strategy to help by identifying the best use cases, applying the right models, and tuning and monitoring them to optimize outcomes in key areas of your operation. 

With wide ranging capabilities in the AI arena, Integral can help you:

  • Modernize your analytics and data through next-generation cloud-enabled platforms and big data architectures
  • Use intelligent automation to implement processes that assist human decision-making, interactions, and judgements, and to discover new opportunities for real-world results
  • Implement next-generation autonomous algorithms to augment decision-making capacity—generating actionable predictions and insights and greater AI engagement

Our software engineers and data scientists create and deliver AI services that automate routine tasks, revolutionize decision-making accuracy and speed, and ultimately create real-time advantages to achieve your mission.

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