System & Application Lifecycle Management

Increasing Reliability, Mitigating Risk

Quantum computing, blockchain, internet of things, robotics, 5G—the complexity of emerging technologies is mind boggling. And that’s before you factor in the issues that can occur when all these new technologies try to operate within decades-old legacy systems. Your enterprise can waste a lot of time and money if a system is either out of date, doesn’t work properly, or can’t do exactly what’s needed.

Integral uses a Lean Agile mindset to help avoid waste and manage the lifecycle of your systems and applications from conception to retirement.

Our team can assist you with developing, deploying, and sustaining innovative solutions that enhance interoperability, reduce risks of failure, and help you achieve greater reliability, affordability, and efficiency.

An Integrated Approach to Lifecycle Management

From data science to sustainment to system modernization, we partner with you to provide fully integrated solutions that last. This includes ongoing maintenance and enhancements, and analysis to project application retirement and replacement.

Our approach includes time boxes within the lifecycle where Agile processes are used to collaborate on and manage our requirements, develop, patch and create automated tests continuously leading to

faster deployments, improved workflow visibility, and increased user satisfaction. Integral’s scalable cloud-based lifecycle management capabilities also provide a flexible architecture and integrated data layers to yield a wide range of analytics and process standardization capabilities.

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