Interpreting Foreign Intelligence Threats and Human Intelligence for Mission Success

Our national security requires a robust counterintelligence capability. Information gathered from human sources provides critical insights.

With 15 years of experience, Integral has a deep understanding of Counterintelligence and HUMINT operational environments and how they work in tandem to ensure the security of the nation.

Military and US government clients choose Integral Federal with confidence, knowing that our specialists integrate seamlessly into the mission, contribute, and deliver strong results.

Our specialists in HUMINT collection management, counterintelligence operational support, and related analysis empower DoD and government agencies to take full advantage of the real-time nature of HUMINT, integrate HUMINT with fused intelligence, and help thwart and subvert threats to national security on US soil and abroad.

An elite team

Our military-trained field specialists combine policy-level expertise, extensive operational experience and cross-domain coordination ensuring we understand your mission goals and are equipped to ensure your success.

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