Your Single Source for Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Solutions

In an age of growing threats, intelligence collection management is critical for keeping our nation safe and secure. Whether it’s to gain knowledge about the intentions and capabilities of a hostile nation or to detect terrorist activities, Integral can provide the solutions you need to advance your SIGINT efforts.

By leveraging our considerable analytical prowess and intelligence expertise, we can help create a complete, accurate, and actionable picture of potential threats to national security. We utilize cloud architectures and standardized infrastructures to provide technical services to develop, help deploy, and sustain a wide range of SIGINT analysis capabilities.

From data to decisions

Integral understands how SIGINT fits into complex multi-source intelligence environments to enhance and confirm our understanding of adversarial actions, capacity, and intentions. We bring DoD and government clients the talent and expertise needed to analyze, triage, and optimize SIGNT data for mission success and harm prevention.

We help you keep pace with advances in multifunctional technologies—giving you the tactical advantage in any situation or crisis.

Gain the advantages of an experienced team

Integral personnel provide essential expertise with the SIGINT technologies, tools, and techniques most relevant to today’s complex intelligence missions and changing communications environments.

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