Identity Intelligence

An Integrated Approach to Identity Intelligence

Quality identity intelligence is a game changer. Integral’s years of experience combined with our innovative technology solutions enable you to strip away the anonymity of terrorists, enemy combatants, and criminals.

Our solutions support you in collecting, analyzing, exploiting, and managing identity attributes and their associated technologies and processes. Integral’s world class identification processes implement forensics-enabled intelligence (FEI), biometrics-enabled intelligence (BEI), information obtained through document and media exploitation (DOMEX), and combat intelligence and information to help identify individual people or members of a group.

Integral utilizes an integrated approach to identity intelligence. Our solutions fuse identity attributes from individuals’ biological, behavioral, biographical, and reputational information along with other information associated with those attributes collected across all intelligence disciplines.

A track record of excellence

With more than 15 years of experience, Integral is proven partner who knows how to provide lifecycle support to intelligence missions. Our services include applied research, standards development and advanced technology design, engineering and integration support for stakeholders working in the identity intelligence and management, biometrics, and multimedia analytics domain.

Our end-to-end solutions leverage the latest biometric and forensic data. Beyond our advanced technology capabilities, we also help you exploit individual threats with clear guidance that’s tailored to your unique policy and legal requirements.

Integral’s technology expertise lets you understand where the threats are now and where they’re heading.

Our unique approach includes:

  • Multimodal biometric and analysis: fingerprint and palm, facial, DNA, iris, and heartbeat
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), including social media sources

For Integral, it’s all about identifying, tracking, finding, and exploiting the individual threat. Our offerings go beyond technical excellence. We help you align with the constantly shifting landscapes of policies and regulations, from military to Homeland Security to civil law.

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