Integral to Today’s Intelligence Mission

From geospatial analysis to precise targeting and command and control for the defense and intelligence community, Integral’s Geospatial Intelligence-ISR (GEOINT/ISR) solutions prepare your enterprise to meet evolving mission needs. Our GEOINT analysts review complex data and transform it into understandable information you can use to stay ahead of all situations—whether they are related to perspective targets, geopolitical events, civil disturbances, criminal activity, supply chain disruption, health, or weather.

Integral’s design-forward leaning GEOINT analysis and software solutions capability drive our rich array of intelligence services. analysts read and interpret data such as photos, videos, infrared, sensors, and fuse it into the context of the bigger picture optimizing your end results. We employ an intelligence-led approach to data—giving you a higher degree of clarity and confidence in real-time decision making.

As an Integral client, you’ll know more, and know it first, thanks to insights you can’t get from anyone else.

Improving situational awareness through fused data

We fuse multiple sources of GEOINT data into one consolidated picture. Using the latest advancements in automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, we interpret this data to reveal relationships and patterns so you can identify emerging risks in real time. 

Our GEOINT solutions encompass all aspects of imagery and geospatial information and services, including information technically derived from processing and exploiting data as well as non-literal analysis of spectral, spatial, and temporal fused products. We utilize data collected from stationary and moving targets by electro-optical, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), and related sensor programs.

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