Intel Support Services

Supporting Intelligence and Mission Resiliency

To move your mission forward, you need to assertively innovate with new strategies and emerging technologies. Integral’s intel support services strengthen your capabilities at every step.  

We support the intelligence community by integrating expertise from a variety of disciplines, enriching analysis with artificial intelligence, and providing unexpected insights to help you grow more agile, integrated, resilient, and innovative.

Military and US government clients choose Integral Federal with confidence, knowing that our specialists integrate seamlessly into the mission, contribute, and deliver strong results.

Integral’s range of intel support services includes:

  • Personnel Security – Our Personnel Security Specialists assist in all facets of your security program including clearance pre-screening, creating and presenting indoctrination briefings and associated materials, polygraph scheduling, monitoring, performing debriefs and supporting security education both in presentation and creation of materials.
  • Cybersecurity Operations – We help our clients alleviate risk by identifying security gaps, performing penetration testing, documenting threats, analyzing systems, applications and infrastructures for vulnerabilities, and recommending and implementing smart efficient mitigation strategies.
  • Insider Threat – Our Insider Threat Specialists identify and help neutralize threats coming from negligent or malicious insiders, ensuring the protection of your personnel, facilities and information.
  • Strategic Communications and Information Operations – We utilize a range of tools and techniques to enable collaboration, facilitate information sharing, and help ensure the right people get the right data at the right time.


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