Analytics & Business Intelligence

Understand Your Data 

From data analytics to automation, we streamline operations, create efficiencies, and transform the world of business. Integral’s business intelligence solutions can help your business stay ahead and achieve its goals. We work with you to improve operational effectiveness, increase efficiency, and achieve mission benefits.

Our team of experts delve deep into your organization’s data to help you understand what’s happening, what it means, and how you can turn this information into meaningful action.

Our suite of analytics and business intelligence offerings include:

  • Data collection, preparation, and cleansing – with proper data quality rules to ensure clean data is the input, enabling the right insights as the output
  • In depth analysis using statistical techniques – diagnostic, prescriptive, and predictive analysis such as time series and forecasting, e.g.,  population migration and resource management
  • Applications and dashboards – deliver the desired insights and provide on demand reporting

Our combination of data management, analysis, tools, and innovative methodologies allow your enterprise to gain insights for improved efficiencies and higher productivity.

Key features help you stay ahead of industry competitors:

  • Flexibility, agility, and a commitment to your objectives. Integral goes above and beyond for our clients. We take a proactive and creative approach to delivering the right solutions and reliably exceed expectations.   
  • Technical ability and mission knowledge. Our broad background and range of knowledge make us uniquely equipped to go beyond what you already know your business needs.
  • Creative solutions and nonstop learning. Our team of experts brings creative BI solutions to any project and we are constantly exploring new technologies and systems to help you reach your goals. From designing tailored software to creating customized dashboards, we’re willing to build the tools you need.
  • Forward-thinking, continually proactive analysts. When we’re done solving a problem, we don’t rest. Instead, we identify new ways to make your data work for you. To put it another way, we avoid the problems of tomorrow.  

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