Securing Tomorrow

From increased and unpredictable threats to rapidly changing technologies, our government and organizations face unprecedented challenges in trying to navigate today’s geopolitical landscape. Our team utilizes technical expertise and advanced capabilities to support your mission and assure our nation’s security.

With years of experience in the defense arena, we support our clients across a broad range of objectives, including:

  • Strategy
  • Operational performance improvement
  • Risk and resource reallocation
  • Organizational design
  • Project management
  • Digital issues

Our experts help analyze, design, and implement performance-improving approaches and tailored solutions that deliver high-impact, sustainable results.

Case Study


Uninterrupted Cloud Migration

The DoD Explosives Safety Board (DDESB) needed to migrate essential programs into the cloud, including its Explosive Safety Knowledge Enterprise Services (DESKES) system and other legacy GOTS products.

Integral’s efficient cloud-based implementation resulted in $2M in savings without any interruptions for end users. On top of this, our cybersecurity solutions brought the DESKES system into FedRamp compliance, ultimately granting an Authority to Operate and correcting 700 security controls without any staff downtime. We upgraded various DDESB’s CI/CD solutions to bolster and accelerate system development, employing agile software development processes and building a DevSecOps environment on AWS. Our team of experts identified and solved an upload processing problem that shrank processing time from seven hours to mere minutes, drastically improving efficiency and delivery.