Civilian Agencies

Going Above and Beyond

We deliver expert identity intelligence, digital transformation, and program management solutions to help civilian agencies achieve their critical missions. From ensuring the physical safety of U.S. civilians to protecting systems from growing cyberthreats, our wide range of offerings enables us to completely support customer needs in cybersecurity, biometrics, cloud computing, systems applications, training, AI, and more.

Through applying first-hand industry experience, innovative technology, and proven processes to deliver the broad needs of civil agency leaders, we have achieved an exemplary track-record of customer satisfaction. We help agencies go above and beyond their scope of vision, identifying and preventing the problems of tomorrow to secure our nation.

Case Study

Civilian Agencies

Delivering the Next Generation of Passports

When the Department of State’s Consular Affairs, Consular Services, and Technology (CST) directorate needed to update their aging passport printers, they saw an opportunity to modernize their production system. They tapped Integral for the task, requesting increased security through biometrics with a focus on greater efficiency and value.

Integral rose to the challenge by procuring two types of Next Generation Passport (NGP) printers and developing chip personalization software and solutions that promote a streamlined user interface with integrated and automated quality assurance. As a result, CST dramatically increased the quantity and sophistication of security features while also boosting productivity.

To date, CST has used Integral’s innovative and cost-effective hardware and software solutions to produce over four million passports. Since the March 2021 launch, more than half of U.S. passport agencies and centers have converted to this process. This ultimately benefits the financial outlook for both the Department of State and the federal government at large, and strengthens national security.