Integral’s IT Industry Partners

Integral has established strategic alliances with IT industry leaders to achieve value for clients and to support their growth. Today’s world thrives on access to information, state-of-the-art technologies, and the right talent at the right time―all key ingredients for success. Our partnerships enable us to provide real-time access to technologies and expertise that improve the safety, health, and financial security of the community and help shape the future of the globally networked economy. Working with these leaders demonstrates our experience throughout the IT industry and builds on our commitment to exceed client expectations.

Software Partners

We are proud to be a Premier Partner with Ivanti. We are committed to exceeding client expectations and our partnership with Ivanti allows us to provide a wide range of IT solutions to make your everywhere workplace possible.

Ivanti is where IT goes to get work done. For more than three decades, we’ve built our reputation on helping IT professionals fix their security issues and optimize their user experience. Our sought-after systems are some of the best in the industry. From patch and asset management to IT service delivery and security, our software is everything you need to take your IT operations to the next level.

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