Edge Computing

Delivering an Edge

When the nation’s security depends on rapidly and accurately identifying bad actors, Edge Computing becomes essential. Integral’s Edge Computing services help you bring computation and storage capabilities to the point of contact.

Integral provides Edge Computing services for commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) devices, enabling you to gather biometrics and customer or individual identity metadata while in the field. Collect, store, match, and share anywhere to deny anonymity of the adversary. We merge customizable software with COTS hardware solutions so you can identify and verify individuals against thousands of identities—without the weight and bulk of traditional identity management solutions.

Improve response time, accuracy, and utilize public IP - e.g., 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi - to gather and transmit information. All with the support of Integral’s Edge Computing experts.

A Winning Record of Identity Management

Our Edge Computing solutions within the DoD extend our borders, allowing agencies to track and analyze patterns and identify where in those patterns certain adversaries are found.

To learn more about Integral’s Edge Computing solutions, please contact ADS_inquiries@integralfed.com